Mind Quietening mp3
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  • Create Date 9th February 2018

I have designed this audio especially for those people that have too many thoughts on their mind, feeling overwhelmed by them and perhaps those who aren’t able to switch off or even sleep. Our mind generates around 60 000 thoughts a day. I suppose it is hard to keep up with them!

This audio is a relaxation audio but it concentrates on clearing your mind and staying in the moment, focused and grounded. As in all of my audios, in this one I also use Wordweaving (Special type of hypnotic language designed by Trevor Silvester, founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming and relaxation technique and music. It has been professionally recorded in the studio.

Please do not use this audio if you suffer from epilepsy or a personality disorder.

This audio is suitable for children and adults 12 years and over.