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Why is Meditation important for Fertility

Why is meditating while trying to get pregnant essential?

Because in a meditation you are shutting out the outside world, your most painful thoughts and emotions and you essentially become just consciousness. Why is it important? It is important because in this state you can create a fertile body that you want and need. Meaning you can create balance, you can change your biochemistry, you can heal through accessing this consciousness.

You are more able to be conscious and you don’t allow random thoughts that you are programmed to think to rule how you feel. If you meditate, you are able to sieve through the thoughts that are making you feel the feelings that create imbalance or dysfunction in your body.

Through meditation, you will get to know yourself. You’ll be able to decide what you want to think and who you want to become instead.

This consciousness that you can access through meditations is the field you are creating from and it is called the quantum field. It is your calm self that you really are and from there you can shape your thoughts, emotions and therefore your brain. In other words, you can visualize what you want instead of what you don’t want and it will more likely work. This way you break the cycle of fear and imbalance and you are more likely to get pregnant.

On my website and my You-tube channel, you will find all the articles and videos you need, to help you achieve this state. You can learn about how your thoughts, emotions and beliefs affect your fertility and if you want, you can go on my website where you’ll find meditations that will help you maximize your fertility.

I’ve used Neuro Linguistic Programming and Wordweaving in my audios, which means that you are receiving a scientific approach to changing your mindset and your behaviour.

Most of my audios use Cognitive Hypnosis which use methodical and logical language that encourages your subconscious mind to create the changes that suit you, not the changes that suit me or somebody else.

Of course, you’ll feel changes immediately, However, to experience long-lasting changes and shifts in your emotions or your body, you have to be determent to listen to it at least four times a week for a few months.

Perhaps begin with downloading my free relaxation audio that concentrates on clearing your mind and staying in the moment and focused here: https://martinapangrazzi.co.uk/meditation-to-switch-off-the-mind-free/

The whole idea of my teachings is to take your power back and create a mindset that supports your fertility. If you would like to learn more about it, you can download my free E-Book here: https://martinapangrazzi.co.uk/teach-your-body-how-to-get-pregnant/

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