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3 Tips to Help you Attract a Healthy Pregnancy

I have 3 tips to help you attract a healthy pregnancy (get pregnant). If they resonate with you, you can download my free E-book that’s filled with more information about how you can maximize your fertility, get pregnant fast and find links to my energy healing group and free meditations, affirmations and visualization for fertility.

If our thoughts, emotions and beliefs come from a place of trust, hope and positive expectations, the law of attraction gives us what we expect and think about.
When you focus on the thoughts that create emotions of having a baby now, you feel more relaxed, you see yourself as healthy, vibrant and ready to create a new life. You are showing the universe, what you REALLY want.

The most fundamental fact is that if we want to attract a baby into our reality (get pregnant), we need to also recognize how our frustrations of not being able to get pregnant, create a momentum that tells the universe, that we want more of this frustration.

If the universe gives us what we think about, what we feel and believe, then our thoughts should be more focused on what we want rather than on what we have, or not have right now.

To help you achieve this state that supports you during this sometimes very difficult journey, I always recommend clearing your mind first, then using affirmations and visualizing what it is that you desire.
It is a process and these aren’t one-time actions so it’s helpful to put things into place that encourage you every day, to focus on what’s important.

Naturally, when we wholeheartedly want something, we are also afraid that we may not get it. This is the most natural behaviour for every single one of us. But, if we want to change our outcomes, our current reality requires our conscious attention. In other words, we need to consciously look at and choose what we focus on, so we attract into our lives what we want, instead of what we don’t want.

Wanting a baby is usually a deep desire and when we aren’t successful at conceiving, we put energy into our fears through thinking thoughts that create more fears. This is completely natural because our brains aren’t designed to be hopeful and positive, our brains are designed to constantly worry about everything.

If you would like to use the law of attraction to change this around, becoming conscious of what you put out there is extremely important.

Attract a Healthy Pregnancy

Here are three tips that will help you attract a healthy pregnancy

Tip number 1

Try becoming aware of what you allow yourself to think daily, realizing that these thoughts may be creating the reality that you don’t want – and these thoughts can even be unconscious. As you notice these thoughts, write them down so you become more conscious of what you don’t want.

Tip number 2

Sometimes we get so caught up in our thinking that it can make us physically ill.
Clear your Mind daily. Clearing your mind is like pressing a reset button. It leaves you feeling refreshed, able to focus and it creates space for new positive thoughts and emotions which help you create a healthier body and therefore increase your fertility.

Tip number 3

Use positive Affirmations – these are thoughts and most importantly beliefs, you can choose to think instead. They may not feel like they are true at the beginning and you don’t need to stretch yourself by saying things that you feel are completely unrealistic.

Use affirmations that feel a little bit better than what you are currently saying to yourself. Write them down and read them out loud every single day, over and over again. As we know our brains are like software, with consistency we can install new thoughts, new emotions and beliefs, that can help us heal our bodies and increase our fertility.

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