3 Ways to increase your Fertility

After my own frustrating journey to getting pregnant 14 years ago, I’ve been working as a Cognitive Therapist ever since, helping other couples get pregnant.

Not being able to get pregnant was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through and I didn’t expect to feel as if there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

I used to be a baby lover, but after two years of trying, I looked at other women with jealousy and part of me hated them. It was a painful journey.

However, it was a journey of self-discovery the least.

Here are 3 tips that will help you create a family:

  1. Clear Your Mind – This one is annoying, I know. But did you know that what you’re thinking affects your emotions to a point that it sends your body raging with hormone imbalances and this state can even stop your periods and ovulation? No jokes, this is one of the first things I suggest to all of my clients and they feel so much better after giving it a go. I have a Free 15 min meditation if you’d like to try it.
  2. Learn to self-soothe – At times I was frustrated, at times I was crying, but most of the time I carried this heavy feeling in my chest that felt like fear. I couldn’t stop worrying that I may never have a baby. And because negative emotions and body chemistry are so closely related, my periods stopped. So, whatever you do, try soothing those painful emotions.
  3. And finally, try remembering why you and your partner are together. I know this whole journey can completely take over your life. We want to get pregnant so badly! We’re doing so much thinking and doing about it that the rest of our lives and relationships suffer, or/and are put on hold. Try being yourselves again and focus on having some good relationship quality time together. Your body will thank you for it with becoming more fertile as it releases those happy chemicals, that also help you conceive.

If you liked these 3 little tips leave a comment below and if you’d like more ideas watch my Video that explains even more about why affirmations work and/or download my Meditations to increase your fertility.