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Increase your chances of Getting Pregnant in 3 Ways

Today I’d like to share 3 ways to maximize your fertility, but first I’d like to explain why those 3 ways are effective and necessary.

Those darkest thoughts you have about not being good enough to be a mother, those painful thoughts about your body not being normal, those emotions of worry, fear and anxiety affect your body.

When we’re thinking that life is unfair (even when it’s true) and feeling disappointed, we are changing our biochemistry.

We are influencing our bodily functions with mental patterns. In other words what we are thinking reflects in our bodies.

Our thought patterns can be unconscious and they can affect our reproductive organs, hormones and hinder conception.

It’s been scientifically proven that thoughts have energy and power. They turn into negative emotions which affect our bodies. We feel tightness in our chest or in our stomach when we experience emotions of fear or anxiety – in the same way, other emotions can affect other parts of our bodies.

Why do you think wise people have always said – you become what you think about?

Why do you think there are so many books out there about healing your body using affirmations or visualization? It’s because your healing starts with your thoughts. It may not be the only thing you need to change in order to support your fertility, but it is a huge part of what we are missing while trying to conceive.

Use these 3 Tips

So the three ways that you can increase your fertility are:

Number 1

Since what you’re thinking can send your body raging with hormone imbalances, stop your periods and ovulation, clearing your mind is one of the first ways to reset your body. I have a free Mind Quietening meditation to download bellow if you’d like to have a go.

Number 2

Learn to self-soothe

Part of self-soothing is of course being able to quiet our mind, but it is also about our emotions. Emotions are often painful and so we suppress them. This is not good for our bodies. Negative emotions and body chemistry are closely related, it can stop your periods, or ovulation. Feeling, processing and releasing emotions is a skill. You can use the audio I’ve just suggested, and you can also join me in my energy healing group where I offer healing and meditations to help you soothe.

Number 3

Try to remind yourself why you and your partner got together.

I know this whole journey can completely take over your life. We want to get pregnant so badly! We’re doing so much thinking and doing about it that the rest of our lives and our relationships suffer, or are put on hold. Try being yourselves again and focus on having some good relationship quality time together. Try laughing together and don’t talk about getting pregnant at all. Your body will thank you for it through becoming more fertile because you’ll release happy chemicals that also help you conceive.

If you would like to learn about a way of living that supports your chances of getting pregnant you can Download my free E-Book – Teach your body how to get pregnant here:

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Love and Kindness