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Getting pregnant seems like an unachievable goal for many of us. Acceptance is a way of bringing your periods and ovulation back.

Get Pregnant faster Doing This

Most of us think that if we don’t worry it means we don’t care. This leads us to attach ourselves to the outcome. For example, every single day we spend time thinking about wanting to be pregnant, we plan ahead to utilize those fertile days, we take supplements, drugs, or hormones to get pregnant faster.

But we are missing an important part here!

Our attachment is fuelled by worry that it won’t happen,

It’s fuelled by frustration that it isn’t happening.

Your mind generates thoughts of worry and frustration which create our emotions of desperation and obsession, which are also fuelled by worry and fear.

As these feelings arise, you begin to add more negative thoughts to them, such as maybe I don’t deserve a baby, maybe it will never happen for me. That’s how it usually begins and it often leads to anger and resentment which then affect our relationships as well.

Studies have confirmed that your emotions affect your hormones and therefore your ovulation and menstrual cycle

Here is a solution:

Acceptance increases fertility. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means you are allowing and welcoming a new life, while you let go of control and desperate longing for a baby.

To detach from the outcome, you have to ask yourself this one question.

What if it will never happen for you?

Would you be ok?

Your first reaction may be, no you wouldn’t be ok or you may feel deep sadness, grief, or sorrow. This is part of the acknowledgment. It’s painful to imagine we might never have what we desire most. But, to detach from the outcome you need to accept that in fact, you would be ok if it didn’t happen for you. You would eventually find other ways to live a fulfilling life, right?

Knowing you’d be ok will help you detach from the outcome. Accept that it may never happen. Let go of trying to control everything and let it be. Shift your attention to something else. You aren’t responsible for the random thoughts that enter your mind but you are responsible for choosing what to do with these thoughts.

This takes discipline, but no more than when you’re obsessed with getting pregnant.

As soon as you detach you force the nature of the universe to respond to you. Your body has no choice but to balance your hormones again. If you can stop carrying that nagging, unpleasant anxious feeling, in return you’ll get a more fertile body.

Free Meditation to let go of negative thoughts about conception:


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