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The other day while I was shopping, I noticed something. There was a key chain by the till that said: Be kind to your mind!

What a silly thing to say I thought. How unhelpful.

Let me explain.

You see, your mind isn’t your friend.

I personally can’t recall anything in my life that my mind has logically sorted to complete perfection as it usually wants to. I don’t remember any experience in my life where I could say – my mind saved me! Even when studying, the mind usually just makes me doubt my abilities.  

Yes, it does help me get from A to B – although google maps make that happen these days, so really what you’re left with while driving is the internal mind chatter, that’s often negative or pointless.  

The mind is the most annoying tool that we have because it’s so hard to use in a way that it serves us and supports our efforts and dreams.

Most of our fears, worries, jealousy, envy or anxieties happen in our minds – yet only a very small percentage of them are valid and/or logical.

The way we speak to ourselves in our minds is so important, but usually we criticize or second guess ourselves right? That’s your mind’s natural, primal instinct.

So my today’s message is: Don’t be kind to your mind!

Instead, try to see it and relate to it as a tool to serve you.

Don’t trust its sneaky ways. Trust yourself!

You can be and should be in charge of what you think about.

Be kind to yourself by recognizing that your mind is only connected to your primal instincts and has nothing to do with truth.

Observe what it says and then decide whether you want to believe it or not. Don’t identify yourself with everything that it comes up with. It usually is so much nonsense.

Here is what I do:

When you think of something negative ask yourself:

Is this really true?

How can I tell for sure this is true?

Most of the time you’ll get a NO! Then, remembering to be kind to yourself (being your best friend) you decide what it is that you’re going to think instead. Remember your mind isn’t your friend.

If there are strong emotions attached to your thoughts, like anxiety, you can work on the root cause of that anxiety. However, a lot of the time we can even manage our anxiety through not believing what our mind is telling us. Feel the feelings but don’t attach any mental chatter to them and you’ll be surprised to discover that the emotions just pass because you’re not fuelling them with thoughts.

Yes, this all requires a little bit of practice and consistency but wouldn’t it be lovely if you could think only positive thoughts about yourself?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your mind supported you and cheered you on? Wouldn’t it be great if you felt amazing about yourself because of what you let yourself think?

When you are in charge of your mind, you can think whatever you like.

Be your best friend, be kind to yourself through observing your mind, instead of believing everything that it tells you.

Love Martina