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Couples are often not only concerned about their age, but they suffer deep emotional pain as they get more and more worried each month. They often lose their confidence not only in themselves, but in their bodies’ ability to create a new life.

Many of us trying to get pregnant feel disconnected from the world around us, but we become experts in how to detect ovulation signs, what to eat, when and how to have sex, how age, environment and stress affect our fertility. After a while we form personal beliefs that are hindering our efforts and we don’t even realize it. One of these beliefs are about our age and fertility.

Facts about Age and Fertility

The facts are clear and undeniable. At birth, women have around 2000 000 eggs and by the time we are teenagers we only have around 400 000. As we approach our 30’s much more eggs are ‘lost’ each day and their quality declines as well as we get older. Male fertility decreases with age also, although to a much lesser degree.

These are facts. However, as human beings you aren’t only concerned about your age, but your fears about your age can turn into insecurity, anxiety or worry. This state of powerlessness brings up other emotions like feeling insignificant, useless, jealous, or even angry.

Then as a result of feeling this ways, You increase your efforts and try even harder, work even harder, study more, do more.

This turns into a complete nightmare for couples and it stems from a belief that’s now affecting every area of your life and since your body is connected to how you feel, it has an impact on your fertility.  

Fertility, Age and our Beliefs

A small adjustment in your beliefs can make a huge difference in the way your body is responding. Your body is a powerful machine that can support you. Your body is closely listening to what you are thinking and believing to be true and it responds to it. It responds to the beliefs you have. Whether what you beliefs is a known fact, you don’t have to believe that it is true for you.

Your mind changes your brain and everything you hear and believe to be true changes your brain. If you read about how age affects your fertility and believe that to be true for you, you are causing changes in your brain and in your body.

In other words, regardless of your age, your beliefs about your ability to get pregnant is what matters. If you believe you’re too old to get pregnant you are getting a corresponding emotion to that thought and your body changes as a result of that emotion.

So, we need to begin with choosing new beliefs that will create a more fertile body for you.

Here are some examples of healthy beliefs:

I still have thousands of healthy eggs

I still am able to conceive until I reach menopause

Many women in my age conceived healthy children

My body is working properly

I love my body

I appreciate how my body responds to my thoughts

I can imagine myself pregnant

I can imagine having a baby

Getting pregnant doesn’t have to be hard

I nurture my body with my thoughts and my body responds to my thoughts

Make these statements your mantras. Choosing your own beliefs and taking your power back.

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