If you are one of those people that struggle to lose weight regardless of their determination and awareness, then you may find the following suggestions useful.

You know it takes much more than a diet and exercise to maintain your weight. Most of us flip between drastic adjustments and then falling back into old ways. We struggle to find the balance and keep the weight off.

3 Common Problems with Weight Loss 

3 Tips to Overcome them 

1. An out of control state, when I’m unconsciously making those ‘bad choices’.  

Those states when you’re overeating,  those states when you are ‘driven’ to go to the shop and buy junk food and all the other states that make you feel out of control. Afterwards, you ask yourself: “What have I done this for?” or  “I can’t believe I’ve done this again”.

In these states your subconscious mind makes the ‘bad choices’ for you. It can be very hard to control these states. It’s a compulsion. It’s an addiction. Even when you become consciously aware of them, you need some tools that can help you stay in control. Imagine being able to spot what you’re doing and then not do it! See my recommendations at the end of this article.

2. Food is comfort

If you reach out for food when you’re feeling stressed, upset or lonely and it gives you some kind of emotional comfort, you are hoping that food can fulfill your emotional need. I honestly don’t know if I know anyone who doesn’t do it. However, it is the awareness of it and being able to control it that make a difference.

You may not be aware what this need is, you may not know how to meet this need yourself, or how to ask someone to help you meet this need.  In other words, we use food as a replacement for affection, love, connection, taking your mind of things, give you a momentary high or keep you company. Some people feel rebellious when they eat which gives them a sense of control, or even freedom.

Our emotional needs are important and it feels painful when we can’t find healthy ways to fulfill them. Food is for many of us comfort.

3. Your Beliefs about Food

As a therapist I’ve heard people say a lot of dark things not only about food, but also about themselves in relation to food.

  • “Food is my life”!
  • “What would I do if I couldn’t eat nice food”?
  • “Food is pleasure”.
  • ”I’m addicted to food”.

I found that many people also believe that food means safety in some ways. Especially when we are trying to lose weight, we get anxious about not having enough to eat. Then, when we go into that ‘out of control state’ we overfill our cupboards, to feel better. You may believe that you’re weak or not good enough, or that you meant to be overweight, because it’s in your DNA. You may even turn food into a treat.

  • “Well I’ve had a hard day, now I can treat myself to something nice”.
  • ”I’ve lost some weight let’s celebrate”.

You see, all of the above are only beliefs. They run your entire life, but we know that they are subjective. If a belief doesn’t serve you, always find a way to change it.

There are many ways to change our beliefs and re-program our subconscious minds. The reason why our beliefs are important is because 95% of what we do comes from our subconscious mind. Our beliefs are usually subconscious, but if you begin to practice consciously observing them, you can begin to change your beliefs. If you become aware of beliefs that don’t serve you, chose beliefs that help you lose weight and keep it off.

If you shine the light on your beliefs, you can unravel them. You can install a new software into your subconscious mind that teaches you how to stop eating when you’re full, or focusing on making the choices and thinking thoughts that create the body that you wish to have. You chose your beliefs. You create what you want to believe and your actions will change as a result of what you believe. The universe will orchestrate things to reflect your beliefs back to you.

One of the many tools I use with clients, is Cognitive Hypnosis. You can use it to re-write the old ways of thinking and being and perhaps have to motivate yourself. However, knowing that motivation doesn’t last, we need to create a firm ground within your mind that supports your weight loss. This 15 mins long HYPNOSIS (MP-3 Audio) transforms the way you think about food and it is an excellent audition to your overall weight loss regime. It specifically helps you with your mindset, beliefs and making the correct choices.

You can find its full description here:


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3 tools to help you lose weight consciously and forever:

  1. When your subconscious mind makes choices for you and sabotages your efforts, ask yourself the following powerful question:

“What else other than doing this, could I be doing that would be good for me?”

Each time you find yourself automatically opening a packet of crisps, eating chocolate, or whatever it is that you usually do that sabotages your hard work, consciously engage. To override your compulsive behaviour, you will need to focus on the question and come up with a positive answer very quickly. I recommend that you prepare and think of your answers beforehand and then write them down.

Your answers and reasons, should be powerful. They should trigger your ‘WHY’! Meaning, the reason you want to lose weight and why you want to lose it, should be important to you. For example, you can say something like: “Each time I say no to chocolate and have an apple, I’m one step closer to being a size X,Y,Z”, or, you can ask yourself, “Am I going to be feel comfortable going on holiday next summer if I eat this?”

Your brain will engage quicker, if you prepare! Write all of your answers down and then get them out when you need to break a certain pattern. If you do this every time, your mind will start looking for better solutions on its own in the future. Don’t worry about it not working every time, just keep doing it as often as you can to install some new habits that will serve you.

  1. Fulfill your emotional needs without using food

If you think you eat to soothe yourself on an emotional level, use the following two questions to unravel your emotions. Sometimes, it’s hard to admit to ourselves that we may feel lonely or that we want more love, or support. It takes courage to look at our emotions and explore what it is that we missing. Your emotional needs are valid and its important to learn how to look after them. If you struggle with feeling and processing your emotions, there are several videos in my FREE Energy Healing Group on Facebook where I guide you through this process, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/815277286183342

Questions to Ask Yourself:

“What else could I be doing other that eating, that would make me feel the way I need to feel right now?”

(At first you may want to explore what you are feeling. How do I feel? Do I need to speak to someone? Do I need to take time off? Do I want to be understood, listened to?)

  1. Challenge your Beliefs

To become a person with your ideal weight, you have to think, feel and act like that person.

What would that look like? In other words, what would your beliefs be about food, yourself, your abilities? How would you feel if you were that person?

Questions to ask yourself:

“What would a person that likes themselves do, relative to food in this moment?”

“What would I believe to be true about myself if I was slim?”

Again, I recommend that you write your answers down and frequently and consistently review you beliefs.

Your weight doesn’t determine who you are as a person, but your mindset and emotions often determine your weight. Therefore, in some ways, you need become a different person, to lose weight forever.

Love and Kindness