If you are one of those many people that struggle to lose weight regardless of their determination and general awareness about healthy lifestyle, the chances are that you’ll find one or more of the following reasons why you fail,
to be true.

Reason number 1

(Leave a comment below if you can identify yourself with any of them, or/and if you don’t, how do you do yours ‘out of control states?’) Tips to help you stay in control are coming soon!

First out of control state that drives me personally crazy is a state when I’m not consciously making those ‘bad choices’.  Those states when you’re overeating,  those states when you are ‘driven’ to go to the shop and buy junk food and all the other states that make you feel out of control. Afterwards, you ask yourself: “What have I done this for?” or  “I can’t believe I’ve done this again.”

In these states your subconscious mind makes the ‘bad choices’ for you. It can be very hard to control these states, without your conscious awareness of them, and some tools that can help stay in control.

Reason number 2

In case you reach out for food when you’re feeling stressed, upset or even lonely and food gives you some kind of emotional comfort. Now in this case you’re turning food into an emotional need that isn’t met. In other words, food may even make you feel loved, looked after, it can pat you on the back, give you a helping hand or keep you company.

Or, you may feel emotions that you can only express through using food as a relief. Some people feel rebellious when they eat and to some people eating gives a sense of freedom. The trap is that our emotional needs are so important, so we usually have to find a way to fulfil them.  Most of us struggle to find healthy ways to do this.

Reason number 3

“Food is my life”! “What would I do if I couldn’t eat nice food”? “Food is pleasure”.”I’m addicted to food”. These could be your beliefs that sabotage your conscious efforts to lose weight.

I found that many people also believe that food means safety in some ways. Especially when we you trying to lose weight, you get anxious about not having enough to eat. Then when you get into that ‘out of control state’ you overfill your cupboards, to feel better. You may believe that you’re weak or not good enough, or that you meant to be fat, because it’s in your DNA, “As long as I’m fat I’m save, happier” etc.

Other strong beliefs are connected to turning food into a pleasant experience, in other words you turn food into a treat. “Well I’ve had a hard day, now I can treat myself to something nice”.”I’ve lost some weight let’s celebrate”.

I’d like to hear about your ‘out of control’ states and ‘bad choices’ states! If you found this article helpful please share it and…..

Tips and tools to help you stay in control are coming up soon.


I’ll speak to you soon, have a wonderful week