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How to Detect your Ovulation                              

We know that women tend to have a regular menstrual cycle of approximately 28 days (though I have known some women with a fourteen-day right up to a 49-day cycle). During this cycle, the egg is released, your womb prepares a cushioned surface to accept it, and if the egg is not fertilized it leaves the body along with the lining in the form of your period.

Around day fourteen we’re at our most fertile and likely to conceive. Therefore, women are most likely to get pregnant around the time they release an egg. However, don’t count on it! Ovulation can happen at any time, even during your period. Even during my period? Yes. Even though this is the least likely time for you to get pregnant, it can and does happen. Also, sperm can live in our bodies for days.

Two Methods to Detect When you’re Ovulating

Did you know that until the 1980’s, fertility signs (indicators your body gives you to reveal the time when you are most likely to conceive) were not very well understood, even by doctors? After that decade, awareness and research grew and researchers and medical professionals began to investigate more methods of ovulation detection.

Multiple observations from a variety of researchers contributed to our current understanding of the meaning of our fertility signs. The basics of self-observing and interpreting fertility signs were not routinely taught to large populations of women until the late 1990’s. So how did women before the 1990’s detect their ovulation? They didn’t and seemingly they were more successful getting pregnant.


The universe has given us a wonderful gift, this amazing thing that happens in our bodies. You have the means within you to know when you are ovulating. Whether it’s your instinct or desire, trust it. It may sound unreal or “too easy” that just forgetting to count the days and having fun can help you conceive, but throughout my work with couples, I’ve found evidence that it definitely can. Gearing away from your body and using fertility calculators, is what often creates tension in our bodies. As soon as we start tracking, we stop the ovulating.

I recommend, that you stay as natural as possible. Don’t overthink, don’t over-count, don’t over-plan, don’t over-test. All of these actions create the pressure to be different, to be in control and to be completely unnatural. This can stop your ovulation, even if you’ve been ovulating regularly before.

1. Natural Method to Track your Ovulation

Here are 3 indicators of your body, that you are ovulating 

  • Your sexual desire increases and you feel the most social when you’re ovulating
  • You have more energy
  • Your vaginal mucus increases in the amount and it’s an egg white like consistency – stretchy and clear

2. Using Fertility (ovulation) Calculators

Fertility (ovulation) calculators are usually in a form of an online tool, where you type in the date when your last period started and the length of your cycle.

Or in a form of a digital test, that estimates 2-4 days when you’re most likely to ovulate.

Our bodies are affected by our state of mind, our emotions and our belief system, so whether you begin to track your ovulation naturally, or using one of the tools, remember, it is not a competition and this is not a contest. Your fertility increases  and you are more likely to ovulate and conceive, when you are playful about it. You can absolutely get some direction and observe your body, but pay attention to the thoughts that you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

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