Birth to One

Learn from your Baby


Trust Yourself



As a mother, I had problems breastfeeding, I tied myself in knots trying to juggle housework with a clingy baby and I often wish I could just put the day behind me and start again with tomorrow. I must admit I have an entire book shelf full of ‘what if’, ‘why’ and ‘how to’ books on bringing up my children, but I’m at the stage where I’m confident enough not to follow them word for word now, but this book is one I can pick up when I’m stuck and not feel judged or guilty – it gives me a real sense that I’m not the only one who struggles and needs a little more than textbook remarks from uninterested health visitors.
I think this book is a must have for any parent who could do with a little reassurance that they ARE doing a fantastic job, even if they don’t follow the baby bible rulebooks. By the end of it, you too will realise that every parent is perfectly imperfect and you CAN have a fresh start every day! Post-natal depression is on the increase and Martina offers support by encouraging parents to find more importance in your family’s health and wellbeing (physically, mentally and emotionally) rather than turn to research that may or may not work for your family or lifestyle.
The book is about the importance of asking for help and accepting it, being ‘present’ with your baby instead of tending to your ironing pile and recognising the needs of your individual and unique child. As she writes in the book – “We blame ourselves and we feel guilty when we’re not able to follow a picture of an amazing mother and we categorise our children as if there really were a manual for every baby. We forget to value our own opinions and trust our own abilities and instincts.” What an inspiration! My only problem with this book is I really wish I’d found it before the birth of my children!

I would like to thank Martina Pangrazzi for this book, I could almost feel myself relax a bit when reading it. It isn’t full of: your baby should be doing this, breast feeding isn’t painful if you do it properly or if your baby behaves like ___ you must have a ‘difficult or sensitive’ baby.

I have no problem in recommending this book to first time mums or just parents who feel they may have lost their way a little under the pressures of trying to be a model Mum or Dad.