What is Faith ?

Who do you have faith in? God? Universe? Yourself? Nature?

Who do you refer to when you say I believe it’s going to happen?

My life wasn’t great  for many years until I discovered what makes everything go right for some people. My life begun to change as soon as my only focus was to create happiness in my life. I was sick, and shattered from crying, and asking the universe why me?

I haven’t realized back then that it was autosuggestion that brought everything into my life. I didn’t know that I can train my mind to have faith, and that it will give me everything that I want. I thought FAITH is either there or it isn’t!

Now I have faith in life itself, because as soon as i started to use faith as a tool to achieve things, suddenly my health improved, my relationships improved and I was a lot happier. I don’t feel like judging people or being angry at people because I have faith that whoever lets me down or hurts me, the outcome of it will eventually have a good effect on my life. I trust that there is something I need to learn when I don’t achieve what I want or it isn’t the right time for it to happen. I have faith that things will happen when I’m ready for them. I know that however hard it is to wait and however painful it feels, I know that life is doing me a favour trying to point me in the right direction.

When things aren’t going well for you or you’re afraid, or desperate to achieve something, trust that the universe has a better plan for you! And never stop believing! For the first time we have scientist proving what transformed lives of many mentally and physically ill people. What made Einstein and Shakespeare who they were and what makes ordinary people healthy and happy. This discovery explains how we can change our circumstances without seeing a logical solution to our problems. It’s no longer a myth.

I must quote Napoleon Hill for this one!

Napoleon Hill (Quote)

The law of autosuggestion, through which any person may rise to altitudes of achievement that stagger the imagination, is well described in the following verse:

If you think you are beaten, you are,

If you think you dare not, you don’t

If you like to win, but you think you can’t,

It is almost certain you won’t.


If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost

For out of the world we find,

Success begins with a person’s will-

It’s all in the state of mind.


But soon or late the one who wins


If you fill your mind with fear, doubt and disbelief in your ability to connect with and use the Forces of Infinite Intelligence, the law of autosuggestion will take this spirit of unbelief and use it as a pattern which your subconscious mind will translate into its physical equivalent.


Thoughts which are mixed with any of ‘magnetic’ force which attracts, from the vibrations of the ether, other similar or related thoughts.

(End Quote)


Happy New Year!