I’m tired of hearing super cool sounding stories that give mothers the impression that they are the only ones that struggle to cope with having a child. We blame ourselves and we feel guilty when we’re not able to follow a picture of an amazing mother and we categories our children as if there really was a manual for every baby. We forget to value our own opinions and trust our own abilities and instincts.

Researchers, books, and professionals are all trying to help; however, they can also confuse and mislead us. There is so much written about babies and mothers that it’s hard for us to even imagine that we could think for ourselves, and follow our common sense.

Finding an attitude that maintains good health and wellbeing for both you and your baby can sometimes be hard for even the strongest personalities.

As a mother, you are the most capable of finding out what makes your baby happy, so believe in yourself as much as you believe in science and research or therapists and doctors!