I have great admiration for my friend Claire who I’ve known for over fifteen years. Still, I hardly know anything more miraculous than the ignorance that she had about never being able to have children.

One day I called her and asked her to tell me what happened those ten or so years ago when she miraculously got pregnant.

About sixteen years ago, Claire was told by doctors that she’d never be able to have children. Claire was one of those people who knew since a very early age what they wanted to achieve in life. For Claire, children were it. A family was her dream and it was the one and only thing she was told she couldn’t have. From an early age, her periods were rare or non-existent and she had to have treatments to keep things stabilized. She was on pills that kept her hormones under control, but they could not cure her.

Claire’s nature always is about getting on with things and not worrying too much. Knowing her for many years, I have to also point out how stubborn she is. No one can tell her what to believe in or what to do. When she puts her mind to something, almost nothing can stop her. Her strong passion and intentions don’t, however, come from her ego. Instead she is the holder of the secret that I’ve been talking about throughout this book.

And here is what happened.

When she met her husband, they both shared a strong feeling of wanting to be parents. I’m not even sure what exactly Claire told Brian about not being able to have children. What matters is what happened next. They didn’t change their lifestyle, but they wished and prayed for a baby. Claire had a clear idea in her mind that she wanted to hold her baby, and she did not use any of the conception methods. One day she stopped taking her hormone pills, too, and in a few months she got pregnant.

When she went to see her doctor and told him that she was pregnant, he didn’t believe her. He ran the usual tests and his mouth dropped open. Claire was sure that she had really achieved something miraculous. At a loss for words, the GP congratulated her and wished her good luck. Really, there wasn’t much else to say.

Claire was happy and she had a very good pregnancy. Her daughter is now nine, and really there isn’t anything else to say, apart from wow! It’s all about showing your faith, about trusting something other than your ego. When you put strong desire and creative visualization together, you’re on your way to achieving what you desire. Your strong faith supports this desire and vanquishes any obstacles. When you imagine holding a baby in your arms, your mind cannot tell if it’s true or you are just imagining it. Your mind thinks it’s true and by thinking it, you make the universe respond to it.

Visualization was definitely one of the tools that helped Claire to conceive. When you visualize having a baby or having a healthy body, you need to feel the emotions that come with this picture in your mind. Feel the feelings of what you would feel like when you are completely healthy. Feel the feelings of holding a baby in your arms. The best way I can describe the feelings of a true desire for a baby is to compare it to unconditional love.

Unconditional love is used to describe true love between partners or family members. You love someone regardless of their actions or beliefs. You love someone no matter what they do or say. I want to compare the feelings of unconditional love to feelings of desire. You love no matter what, and you desire something no matter what. A true desire is so strong that no matter what happens the person desiring something will still believe that it can be achieved. When such a strong desire is present in the human mind, there is almost a guarantee that it will be fulfilled. However, this desire mustn’t come from a desperate mind.

Remember that desire is a positive thought and feeling. It is far more useful to believe that you will get pregnant soon than thinking that you will never be able to have a child. Claire was a perfect example of desire. She was completely ignoring everything that she was told by doctors and she wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in her way.

🙂 Martina