Over the past ten years it seems like we have got to know so much about conception and fertility but that the more we know, the less successful we actually are. Bookshelves are groaning under the weight of medical books about infertility, diets to conceive, even positions in which to have intercourse to ensure that important sperm hits the right spot. A quick Google search on the word “infertility” throws back over 21 million possible web pages to read through.

With all this information we are feeding our minds we don’t realize that this information affects us more than we think. It embeds itself into our subconscious, which plays an even more important role in our reality. How this can be? The subconscious part of our brain can hold all of our memories, everything that we have heard, read or seen about conception. Whatever comes in to your conscious mind has been sent from your subconscious, and can eventually take over.

Forgotten Secrets of Natural Conception – Part 3