Anxiety and Panic Attacks Hypnosis/Meditation

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Almost everyone who comes through the door of my practice that experiences anxiety or panic attacks (severe anxiety) says the same thing. I feel anxiety anywhere at different places and I don’t think I ever think of anything in particular. It just happens!

Whether you’re going through challenging life circumstances or have been feeling anxious for most of your life, this hypnosis will change your life.

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I’ve used Neuro Linguistic Programming and Wordweaving in this audio, which means that you are receiving a scientific approach to anxiety and allowing your mind to create the changes naturally without conscious effort.

Because this Cognitive Hypnosis encourages your subconscious mind to create the changes that suit you, you will be able to naturally stay in the state of non resistance.

This audio uses methodical and logical language that creates the changes. However this audio will not change every single person that downloads it. If you are determined to listen to it at least four times a week for at least three weeks and at least twice a week after that, you will find this audio life changing.


Additional information

Additional Information

You should listen to this recording with headphones on low volume. You never to play this audio while you are driving or operating machinery. You can listen to it before going to sleep – it also works while you are asleep.

Please do not use this audio if you suffer from epilepsy or a personality disorder. 

This audio is suitable for anyone from 16 years and over.


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