Here Is why you need to use Visualisation to get pregnant naturally (or with help)

  1. Scientific research shows that your thought-patterns affect your emotions and your emotions affect your body. Meaning, to get pregnant naturally you need to create the right thought-patterns that support your fertility, instead of hindering it.

2. After failing to get pregnant over and over again your mind gets filled with thoughts like: “What if it’ll never happen?” What if I’m not supposed to be a mother?” Thoughts like these create uncomfortable emotions in your body which can stop ovulation, periods and even contribute to illnesses. Science has shown us that we need to bring useful ideas into our mind, meaning, we have to expect good things to happen to us.

This is where we can’t beat visualisation and its effects! Visualisation is the most natural way to get pregnant and to heal your body.

Here is how it works. Everything that has ever been created has been first created in someone’s mind. In other words, your body listens to whatever your mind has to say. You are more likely to get pregnant naturally and manifest a pregnancy if you’re able to see it (visualise it) in your mind.

Visualisation has been around for decades. For athletes in 1960’s they called it mental rehearsal, in the late 1970s, guided imagery and it was a very popular treatment for cancer patients.

Now-days it’s used for almost everything. I am not the first person to use it in my work with infertility clients.

I understand that visualising without guidance can be difficult and for consistence I prefer guided visualisations.

Each person will experience guided visualisation in their own unique way. There isn’t the right way. Some people use colours, some people use images, sounds or perhaps you may only use your feelings to perceive what you are visualising. This is all perfect.

Each visualisation usually consists of relaxation part.  Physical relaxation helps you reduce anxiety, stress and it activates your creativity and increases your ability to focus on mental images. In other words, you can visualise more effectively when you are relaxed.

The images that you create in your mind don’t manifest immediately but over time – if you are consistent and patient. Remember not to attach yourself yet to another obsessive goal. After visualising a healthy fertile body, let it go and don’t obsess over it.

Below is a video that explains the science behind visualisation and why its so important while you’re trying to get pregnant. Especially when you’ve been trying for a long time.

Watch my video to find out how you can heal the reasons for your infertility and how the visualisation that I have created helps you.  

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