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If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, before you invest more money into products or treatments, invest in your personal power first, so that you support your chances of the treatments working.

Scientific research shows that your thought-patterns affect your emotions and your emotions affect your body. In other words, to get pregnant naturally or support your assisted conception you have to include the correct thought-patterns that support your chances of getting pregnant.

After failing to get pregnant over and over again our mind gets filled with thoughts like:

 “What if it’ll never happen?” What if I’m not supposed to be a parent?”

Thoughts like these create uncomfortable emotions in your body which can stop ovulation, periods and even contribute to illnesses. Science has shown us that we need to think useful thoughts and expect good things to happen to us, because that’s what we end up attracting into our lives.

It’s understandable that you may feel lonely on this journey, or even angry and resentful. I’m a former infertility sufferer myself.

And after a  long time, I’ve realized how I wasn’t supporting my efforts but instead I was sabotaging the whole situation. It wasn’t easy to turn things round, but it was so worth the effort. Not only I got pregnant, but I’ve helped others to get pregnant. 

You can’t afford to create more of what you don’t want.

Everything that has ever been created has been first created in someone’s mind. In other words, your body listens to whatever your mind has to say

That’s why visualizations for example are so popular. They are very effective. You are more likely to get pregnant naturally or manifest a pregnancy if you’re able to see it (visualise it) in your mind. Thoughts and emotion are a huge part of manifesting.

Visualization has been around for decades. For athletes in 1960’s they called it mental rehearsal, in the late 70’s it was called guided imagery and it was a very popular treatment for cancer patients.

Visualization is a natural way to get pregnant faster

Visualization is a natural way to maximize your fertility, get pregnant faster and to heal your body.

Scientists can finally show us the measurable impact that visualization has on our bodies.

It’s effectiveness in healing our bodies has now been well document.

Even your subconscious mind will be programmed to bring your attention to future healing and future positive results. And this is  important because each month that we fail to get pregnant we decrease our fertility due to our mental and emotional state. Like I’ve said, its understandable. But we want to change it.

Visualisation uses your brain to create the reality that you want. That means that you are in charge of what you are thinking, feeling and believing which then has direct effect on your mental, emotional and physical health.

How to Get Pregnant using Visualization

If you can visualise being pregnant you are more likely to get pregnant. If you can visualise that your body is healed and fertile you are more likely to heal and conceive. If you can visualise that you are peaceful, your body is more likely to achieve that mind and body balance that’s so necessary for increasing your fertility, too. And finally, you activate the law of attraction which helps the universe to re-arrange itself and bring you what you want.

I personally prefer guided visualization, because it’s there every day, I turn the audio on and all I have to do is follow it. However, you can create your own visualization easily.

Each person experiences a guided visualisation in their own unique way. There isn’t the right way. Some people use colours, some people use images, sounds or perhaps you may only use your feelings to perceive what you are visualising. And This is all perfect, not everyone can picture things in their mind easily.

Each visualisation usually consists of a relaxation part.  Physical relaxation helps you reduce anxiety, stress and it activates your creativity and increases your ability to focus on mental images. In other words, you can visualise more effectively when you are relaxed.

The images that you create in your mind don’t manifest immediately but over time – if you are consistent and patient. Remember not to attach yourself yet to another obsessive goal. After visualising a healthy fertile body, let it go and don’t obsess over it.

Fertility visualisation I use with my clients has a profound effect on the healing of your reproductive organs and other physical disfunctions connected to your infertility (if there are any). It uses a meditative state, cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP and the creative part of your brain to build your motivation, activate your subconscious mind and healing. You can find the full description of this visualization in the link below.

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