martina pangrazzi               Overwhelmed new mums

At the beginning, some new mums are even nervous about dressing their baby. We get anxious about feeding our baby or can’t imagine leaving her with someone else – ever!

            Most mums feel tired, frustrated or even angry. Many new mums experience feelings of inadequacy and feeling emotional. Mums are increasingly starting to get depressed after having a baby and may start refusing their new bodies after pregnancy and birth.

Some of us hate breastfeeding. Some of us struggle to like their baby.We are not perfect! Remember it!

           Mums! Believe in yourself and choose the ‘no guilt, no regrets’ approach!

       Don’t blame yourself for what you weren’t able to do but give yourself credit for what you’ve done.

             Do what makes you happy and in control. Your baby is perfect as she/he is. And, so are you!