Mothers are very special without making too much effort. Babies don’t only cry after their mums because they are hungry or tired. Mother regulates the baby’s heart rate and blood pressure. The baby’s muscular activity and her growth hormone levels are regulated by her mothers touch, and it all happens through feeding.When babies are born, they are craving their mother, because she is the only one they are familiar with. A baby recognizes her mother’s voice and her smell and instinctively knows that the two of them belong together. Mothers are the lifelines for their babies and they cannot be replaced. Nevertheless, any other woman or a man can take on a role of a mother, developing this relationship by nurturing and caring for the baby.

Unfortunately, sometimes life takes over and we cannot find the time to tune into our baby’s needs. Of course, we all love our children, but when trying to meet their everyday needs, we forget how much affection and emotional interaction these babies need.

What makes a mother special?

Everything that you do has a huge effect on your baby’s behaviour and her emotional and intellectual growth. From a scientific perspective, your baby’s development is partially predetermined by genetics; however, the exact manner in which her brain grows is dependent upon you. Emotional interaction between you and your baby helps her learn and allows her to experience a wide range of emotions and developing intelligence. In the first few years of your baby’s life, the foundations for her intellectual, emotional, and moral growth are laid down. How your baby will relate to people later in life depends on how you are bringing up your child during these crucial years. In other words, it’s not so much about what your child has inherited, but what she learns from you.

From Learn from your baby and trust your self  by Martina Pangrazzi