Do you feel guilty for not giving enough attention to your children?
Running between newborn twins and a two year old toddler, I started to wonder how on earth can someone bring up twelve children.

Propping up my little ones’ bottles and running to the toilet with my two year old, I wonder how guilty I should feel about not giving my children enough attention and quality time.
Letting my newborn twins settle themselves to sleep, I quickly put on my trainers and run outside with my toddler, so that I can spend some time with him before I have to bath the babies. I wonder what’s fair. Leaving your toddler at the table and run after the babies when they cry, or letting the babies cry?

Mums feel guilty and that’s the truth. However, we can’t please all of our children at all times. Unfortunately, someone has to wait and that’s the end of it. We can’t punish ourselves for trying to keep everyone happy. We are not being cruel and I’m sure about that. We should think of those children that have no homes and often die of starvation; keeping that in mind I don’t think I have any problems at all.
In my book “Learn from your Baby and Trust Yourself”, I wrote about a ‘No guilt and no regrets approach’. Well, here are few more reasons why we should stop feeling guilty.

Forty odd years ago, children were told to listen and not to talk. Many weren’t given any choices, weren’t allowed to express their opinions, let alone their feelings. Somehow, adults thought that children could not understand their conversations or connect on the emotional level. Unfortunately, needs of many children were often ignored, as people had no time to try to understand them.

I’m not surprised. Having to wash reusable nappies in the middle of the night or not being able to order their weekly grocery shopping online, mothers were left with literally no time for their children.

Sterilizing the bottles in four minutes, I realize that looking after children became a lot easier and we do not have such problems to deal with.
Let’s be honest. We are a little bit spoiled. We can’t imagine not being able to socialize, or be able to drive to the nearest supermarket.
Still, we do spend a lot of time with our children and we do give them a lot of attention.

So once again, I refuse to feel guilty and I guess I’m just going to get on with my house work and stop moaning.

Take care