We blame ourselves, we push ourselves, we feel guilty and we never feel good enough. Why?

Who has decided what’s right or what’s wrong? There aren’t two same people on this planet, and there aren’t two same children on this planet. So how can one rule book work for every child or how can all mothers be the same?

If you feel good about going back to work and you think your child would benefit from it, what are you waiting for? If you want to stay at home with your child, why should you feel guilty about that?

Whatever makes you happy makes your child happy. You can make your priorities and concentrate on happy and positive outcomes that will help you handle your life. Do what you feel is right, not what someone else did or suggested that you do.

What affects our children is how we live our lives around them. And how we live our lives is our choice and our decision. If one day someone tells you that you are the kindest person that they’ve ever known and the next day someone else tells you that you’re selfish, who’s right?

Whether you’re doing well or not is only a matter of someone else’s opinion. What matters is that you do what makes you and your family happy.