Your emotional pain has to be recognized, accepted and released because it is held in your body and causes it to shut down. Waiting anxiously every month, feeling disconnected, frustrated, desperate – these emotions have a negative effect on your body and your FERTILITY.

Going through disappointment every time when your period arrives or despair when it doesn’t show up at all, building walls around you while you’re feeling alone in your suffering, are emotions that have to be released from your body.

I know you want to hold your baby.

When I was going through my infertility journey, after two years of trying and failing to get pregnant I couldn’t even tell how I was feeling. It took me two years to stop and allow myself to feel those painful, suppressed, denied and ignored emotions that I was bottling up inside.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I had no periods, I wasn’t ovulating.

I was so angry when I was asked to calm down and that it was the pressure that I was putting on myself that caused my infertility. But this anger has led me to discover all the other emotions that I was ignoring. These trapped emotions felt like constant anxiety and my body was reflecting back to me how I was feeling. Why wasn’t I feeling my emotions before?

Because of fear. Fear of facing the reality that I was living. 

When you spend your days trying to do your absolute best to conceive but all you get is negative tests, no periods, or even worse, miscarriages, part of you is dealing with it through never properly allowing yourself to feel what you actually feel. Sometimes the pain is too much for us to handle and gets stored in our bodies as a result of us not feeling it and releasing it.

When I could no longer suppress and deny my anger there was this sudden flow of other emotions coming to the surface. It was like I was released from an emotional terror. It was a big moment for me and everything had changed after that.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that causes your infertility or your infertility is unexplained, you will find that your emotional and mental state relative to conception is affecting your body as well.  Whether this emotional state comes from past trauma or more recent trauma and negative thinking relative to conceiving.

When I work with couples struggling to conceive, understandably they feel as the world is unfair. They often ask me: “Have I done something wrong in the past to deserve this”? “Is this happening to me because I had an abortion in the past”?

There are so many questions that we have while going through this heart-breaking journey. Most of you can’t bear the thought of never being able to have children. I know how these emotions feel, they feel like the biggest and deepest pain you’d ever experienced.

The point of this article is for you to understand that your emotional pain has to be recognized, accepted and released because it is held up in your body and causes it to shut down. Waiting anxiously every month, feeling disconnected, frustrated, desperate – these emotions have an incredible effect on your body.

I’ve seen people’s lives changing as a result of them identifying, accepting and releasing their emotions. Their bodies responded through their hormone levels changing, periods returning, their physical pain and conditions improving.

Doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or going through fertility treatments, your mind and body are in such turmoil, that by the end of it even your relationships suffer.

Some couples I’ve worked with experienced so much trauma that they’ve struggled with fear and other negative emotions even months after they fell pregnant and had a child.  

No matter where you’re at in your journey, whether you’ve been trying for a few months or a decade, you have to work on identifying, accepting and releasing your emotions. This will improve your fertility, your pregnancy and your life after having a baby.

To help your body become more fertile you have to:

First: Identify your Emotions.

Second: Accept your emotions even when it’s scary.

Third: Let go of negative emotions that are connected to your fertility.

To help you let go of negative emotions you have to also let go of negative thoughts, and here is a FREE Cognitive Hypnosis to help you let go of negative Thoughts and Emotions:

However, a lot of your painful emotions can’t just disappear with a flick of a finger. There’s no way I’d suggest it is easy to let go of fear, anxiety, hatred, or anger. But it is possible and all of us have the potential to do it.

My body was reflecting my inner feelings through not working properly and then when I let them go, my periods returned I started ovulating again.

A lot of people struggle to let go of their painful emotions because they find them overpowering and they feel as they have no control over them. This is understandable.

I have two things for you to help with these deeply seated emotions – whatever they are.  

The first thing you can do right now is something that a lot of therapists and coaches recommend.

After identifying and accepting your emotions you have to allow yourself to feel them fully. You will find that without mental judgment all emotions will pass after about a minute or two. By allowing yourself to feel your emotions, you are allowing the emotions to be released and that moves you to a more powerful state. Whether in a form of relief in the body or through feeling more neutral and not so charged with emotions.

All these half-felt emotions become stored in your body and can cause physical discomfort and even more anxiety and fear. Learn to feel your emotions fully without judging them to experience that feeling of letting go.

If this feels like too much, or it is impossible for you to navigate this in a positive way, you can try something I use with my clients all the time.

Here is a step-by-step technique that will help you let go of those overpowering, deep emotions that you can’t manage yourself.  It also contains Cognitive Hypnosis that you can normally only get when you’re working with me. That hypnosis completely re-programs your mind and helps you feel calmer, more hopeful and more positive, even if you are at your lowest at this point in your life. There is a long description on my website, it has a pre-read as well, if you wish, take a look.  

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Lots of love and courage