Here are three tools to help you lose weight consciously:


It is important that you read the previous article where I explain the three reasons why many of us fail to lose weight. How to lose weight naturally (1)


First tool will help you manage those states when your subconscious mind makes the choices for you. It can be hard to control these states, unless you have the following tools.


  1. Start being aware that there is a subconscious mind that takes over when you find yourself overeating and doing all of the things that sabotage your conscious efforts to lose weight. Each time you find yourself automatically opening a packet of crisps, eating chocolate – consciously engage and ask yourself this powerful question:


What else other than doing this could I be doing that would be good for me?


Concentrate on the question really hard, but if you find it difficult to come up with a positive answers at first, prepare and write them down! Ask yourself this question several times to break this pattern. With focus and conscious effort your brain will engage very quickly. In a few days you will find that you can break this pattern quicker than the day before and gain control that will surprise you.  If you do this every time, your mind will start looking for better solutions automatically. Don’t worry about it not working at first, just keep doing it until you succeed.


The second reason why you fail has to do with your emotions.

This second tool will help you fulfill your emotional needs without using food


  1. Here you need to be brave and honest with yourself. Sometimes it is hard to admit to ourselves that, we may feel lonely, that we may need more love or support or we need a break. It takes courage to surrender and start focusing on what we are really missing, what we are feeling when we use food as an emotional comfort blanket. This is a task when you may get very emotional. Use what you’ve learned from asking yourself the following questions and guide your decisions because you know that food is fuel but also your emotional needs are valid and can be met using healthy ways.


So the question I’d like you to ask yourself is:


What else could I be doing other that eating….. that would make me feel the way I need to feel right now?


At first you may want to explore what you are feeling…

How do I feel? Do you need to speak to someone? Do I need to take time off? Do I want to be understood, listened to?


The third reason why you fail has to do with your beliefs.

  1. Here is your third tool:

Ask yourself every day before you do anything that involves food. Whether it’s shopping, eating, craving food or feeling bad about yourself.


What would a person that likes themselves do? Ask yourself this question all day long.


And the second question is: What would I believe to be true about myself if I was slim?


Many of us struggle with liking ourselves so remember to really think hard about what would a person that is kind to themselves do.

I recommend that you write all of the answers down and make the questions and your positive answers part of your life, until everything that you have learned and practiced  becomes your second nature.

This is a conscious way to lose weight permanently. Now you understand that you’re not only your body but mostly your mind that is involved in this process. You can stop doubting yourself as a person and become easier on yourself because you understand now that it is mostly software that kept you out of control. Your weight doesn’t determine who you are.

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Good luck

All the best Martina