Sleep deprived new mum? Please don’t worry you’re not the only one and you’re doing everything right.

After birth, Mother Nature gives us a shot of adrenaline that keeps us going for about two weeks. What happens after that? Well, from my experience and research, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was desperate to sleep longer than two or three hours at the time. I know that it is hard for a mother to admit that she is exhausted, but these truly magical times when looking after your newborn, are hard. It’s all right to say that you’ve had enough and feel too tired to concentrate, too tired to listen and too tired to explain things to people, especially to your other half. The attitude that women commonly develop is – I just want to have things done! You’re sleep deprived, yes!

Your baby cries, you ask your partner for a dummy and he automatically asks – Where is the dummy? And here we go, if this was a Sunday afternoon and you’d ask for a packet of crisps, your answer would be probably in the top kitchen cupboard. But at this stage, you’re most likely to act ‘out of your mind’ (in your partner’s eyes) and get cross with him. What sort of question is that? What do you mean where are the dummies? They are exactly in the same place as they were yesterday and last week and even two months ago!

Often, our husbands come home from work and instead of finding a lovely wife and a baby they are greeted by a yelling woman that he has trouble recognizing, let alone understanding. After a long stressful week at work, this is the last thing that he wants to deal with. When you finally manage to put your baby to bed, you find yourselves incapable of having even the simplest conversation. One of you spends time on the computer and the other one ends up watching television resentful and lonely.

All right, once again, this is only temporary. There is no question why many call these times Survival Times. And you will survive them. Your relationship will survive!

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To all mums