When thinking about trying for a baby, we start making changes in our lives, almost immediately. Suddenly our lifestyles become different. Whether it’s changing our diets, stopping drinking and smoking, or taking supplements, all of these things in some way can create stress and make us think that we are already failing. We ask our partners to make the same changes that we’ve made, but they don’t seem to be as keen as we are. This in turn leads to arguments and blaming each other. All of this brings stress. Then we start worrying that our friends will notice that we stopped smoking or drinking coffee, and will be making assumptions that we are already pregnant.

     Whatever we do to help us conceive, it won’t work unless our minds are peaceful. Realizing that we are stressed and understanding its triggers can actually be a positive thing.  For your own wellbeing, try to get rid off any stress in your life—but don’t stress yourself out doing that, either.

     If you’ve been trying for a long time and don’t know what to do, try reading about how your mind can affect your fertility.

How your mind affects your fertility 

     Good luck and keep in touch.


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